Urthbox: August 2015

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A rep from Urthbox reached out to me about receiving a box and writing about it, because I’m an affiliate. For more info, read our fancy, schmancy disclosure for more info.

Urthbox: #glutenfree August 2015 | crunchyfamily.com

I selected to receive the gluten-free box, if only because the GFAF Expo is coming up (more info soon!) and last year, Charlise and I noticed we have a plethora of readers following the gluten-free diet here at Crunchy Family, and I wanted to make sure we catered to guys!

When my Urthbox came in, I was first surprised by the weight and how packed everything in it was. It was really packed!

Urthbox contents

  • You Love Fruit (Mango Coconut) — The package of this said it’s “free of nuts”, but according to §201(qq) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, coconut is a tree nut. This is vegan, “nut-free”, sugar-free and dairy-free. Value: $1.92/oz.
    Charlise:  I got to try the Mango Coconut fruit leather and it was SO yummy.  I’m not usually a fan of mango, but the coconut paired nicely with it and gave it such a great, tropical taste.  My kids forced me to share with them and the package was gone in no time.  This is such a great way to get some fruit into a picky kid!
  • Frontier Bites (Almond Blueberry Lemon) — This product is sugar-free, soy-free and dairy-free. Value: $1.20 for the 20g sample package
    Charlise:  I LOVE GRANOLA and Frontier Bites are like little pieces of granola heaven.  I’m so glad I got the flavor that I did because it’s definitely what I would have chosen in the store since I LOVE lemon.  They are super crunchy and full of flavor!
  • Barnana (Organic Coconut/Chewy Banana Bites) — Value: $4.99/3.5oz.
    Charlise:  I’m also not a huge fan of bananas and I was kind of hesitant to try these, but they are really yummy.  They are like a gourmet fruit snack with the coconut mixed in.  I’m really surprised how much I like them! 
  • Tutti Gourmet (Banana Crisp/Pistachio & Anise) — This is dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, sugar-free, soy-free and corn-free. Value: $4.95/2.8oz.
    Charlise:  These little cookie/crackers are interesting…  They are very light and healthy but filling.  I didn’t really like the anise in them, but everything else about them was good.
  • Made Good (Chocolate Banana Granola Minis) — This is made with vegetables and peanut-free. Value: $1.25/24g
    Charlise:  These were my favorite snack out of the box.  I’m sure that is because chocolate was involved, but these are seriously AMAZING.  I could eat a bowl of these for breakfast every day. 
  • Good Kid (Apple Cinnamon Bar) — This is peanut-free. Value: $1.29/1.28oz. bar
    Charlise:  I let my 4 year old, Chevy, eat this bar.  Well, honestly, he just wouldn’t share.  He consumed it in about 3 seconds and mumbled that is was good, so I assume it was.  Nutritious kids bars can sometimes have funky tastes so your kid won’t even go for them, so I’m glad this one was a WIN!
  • Raw Crunch (Dark Chocolate) — Value: $2.50/1.0 bar
    Charlise:  Another goody with chocolate!  These are so awesome because I have a huge sweet tooth and it’s nice that I can get my chocolate in in a more healthy way.  These bars are packed full of yumminess and satisfy my chocolate craving.
  • Gorilly Goods (Original) — This is wheat-free, vegan, raw and cholesterol-free. Value: $2.09/1.4oz. bar
    Charlise:  These are like healthy candy.  I really want to try the chocolate kind!!  I would definitely have to hide in the bathroom to eat it away from the kids!
  • Poplets (Sea Salt & Butter) — These are nut-free. Value: $1.50/2.7oz. bag
    Liz: I liked these, but I wound up giving them to Charlise, because they were too crunchy for me.
    Charlise: I love them!  They remind me of Corn Nuts.
  • Mamma Chia (Blackberry Bliss) — These are vegan and nut-free. Value: $1.49/3.5oz. pouch
    Liz: This tasted great, though I had to take a break on it and save it for later. It tasted extremely sweet for me.
  • Liz Lovely (Snicker Dude) — This is vegan. Value: $2.50/3.17oz. cookie
    Liz: HEAVEN. I love this cookie! I was able to eat it guilt- and reaction-free. I understand paying $2.50 for one cookie is a little steep, but this cookie was utterly amazing and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, which makes the price so worth it.
  • Kickers (Strawberry Banana) — Value: $0.99/double serving stick (0.28oz.)
    Liz: Just a quick note: These are NOT drink flavor pouches… Yeah… Imagine my surprise when my Mountain Dew, after I poured half a pouch into the bottle, began to fizz up like it was going to spew every time I opened it. I couldn’t open it without it spewing. Bad idea… This powder is literally dried fruit powder, and you use it to enhance your food. I liked what I didn’t pour into a drink, and I received two of them in my box, so… that’s quite awesome. ^^;
  • Good Boy Baked Organic Potato Chips (BOPS) (Sour Cream & Onion) — Value: $1.37/0.8oz. bag
    Liz: Because they’re baked, there’s no greasy feeling to be had after eating these chips. I liked them! I wouldn’t mind trying their dinosaur chip line, because… well, dinosaurs.
  • Icebox Water (Premium Canadian Spring Water) — Value: $0.55/250ml carton
    Liz: I’ve seen (and had) water in a can before, but water in a carton takes things to another level. This reminds me a bit of Fiji water, but there is a slightly more crisp flavor to the water.

Total value of August 2015 gluten-free Urthbox

The total value of this box comes out to $29.58. The box size I was sent would have been the Small, as I received 15 products, and this size contains 12+ products. For more bang for your buck, I recommend prepaying for 3 or 6 months—and this applies to any subscription box—instead of merely selecting the monthly option.

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Have you ever had any of the products that were in this box? What were your thoughts? Also, have you ever subscribed to Urthbox? What did you think?