Valentine’s Day Craft Fun

I’m not a huge hearts and Valentines Day sort of girl, but my kids love to do crafts (so do I).  They decided they wanted to make some valentines for their grandparents. I had to oblige, so we did this quick and simple, but memorable and cute, craft/card.


Construction paper
Marker or crayon



Fold the paper hamburger style.



Have your child place their hand just like I have my child’s hand in the photo. It’s important that their pointer finger and thumb hit the crease. Trace around the hand.



Notice how our lines go off of the folds, also very important for when/if you hand over the scissors to them. The fold must remain intact for this craft to work.

Fudge the space between the two fingers on the fold to be more like a heart shape.



I wound up having to cut these out for them (they’re 6 and 3 and while they can do straight cuts very well, these were tricky for them!).

Open! It’s a cute card, hand size memory and Valentine Day card for someone.



My children further decorated the cards, but you could also help them write a sweet message or just the year on them.