Valentine’s Day Treat Alternatives

Pink construction paper with doodles using real round stones for the body; illustrates a short-haired person giving a long-haired person a red heart

Holidays don’t always have to mean sugar crashes and the need to secretly throw away a pound of sugar and food dyes.  There are plenty of things you can send with your children to school to share with their friends, family and teachers that won’t rot their teeth.  Here is a list of my favorite Valentine’s Day treat alternatives…

  • You can find adorable pencils and erasers that are Valentine’s Day themed at your local dollar store.
  • Hand drawn cards made with love are much more fun than mass produced cards and can include a pinch of confetti!
  • You can give the gift that keeps on giving by gifting a small herb plant or a packet of flower/vegetable seeds.
  • You can also give the gift that keeps on living by writing a special note on some adorable plantable paper like these sold by Pulp Art.
  • Another great idea is to give a healthier treat such as prepackaged pistachios, organic fruit snacks or YumEarth pops.
  • Giving donations to a charity in the giftee’s name is a great way to show your love in more way than one!
  • A great gift for mom or a teacher is an all natural soy candle or delicious lotion made by Curly Q Crafts.

Valentine’s Day is about showing your love to those around you.  It’s not about expensive jewelry, overpriced roses that die in a week or boxes full of sugar.  Let your Valentine know how special they are in a new and unique way this year!