Welcome to Crunchy Family!

made by Autumn Mccarthy

made by Autumn Mccarthy

Welcome to CrunchyFamily.com!!

Here at CrunchyFamily.com, we care about the WHOLE family.  We are here to bring you basic and advanced crunchy information, deep debates, great product reviews with weekly giveaways and best of all, we are not here just to make a profit like the other guys.  This site is a collaboration of crunchy moms, crunchy dads and even crunchy kids!!  Everyone is on a different crunchy level and different things work for different families.  We do not censor anything unless people are being blatantly disrespectful.  We encourage debate with love and passion!

CrunchyFamily.com was started by the awesome blogger Charlise Grisham.  You may know Charlise from crunchymoms.com.  For more information about her split from that site, please feel free to contact us.  She is trying to create a new home that is based on CRUNCHY LOVE!!

We are not medical professionals, so always consult with your family physician before using any natural and/or homeopathic remedies that are suggested on our site.

Thank you for supporting the Crunchy Family!!

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So glad I was sent here through FB! I will be following to see all the updates to the site as it grows.
I am newly crunchy, after assuming my best friend had lost her mind when she decided to go anti-vax, anti-GMO and started making everything from scratch. I then started seeing all the changes in her family’s health. That started me on my own journey of research. While i dont consider myself fully crunchy I can’t help but feel the pull. Good luck with the website looking forward to watching as it grows!

Welcome to Crunchy Family!! Thank you so much for your comment!! “Going crunchy” is great for all families and we are here to bring you the information you seek. If there is anything you would like to see, don’t hesitate to let us know! Not everyone is 100% crunchy but we all strive to do the very best for our family. Glad you’re here and make sure you check out all of our week day giveaways! :)