Why You Should Attend the GFAF Expo

(…aside from because it’s fun and exciting.)

The Gluten-Free and Allergen-Friendly Exposition (GFAF Expo for short) is like a fair for anyone and everyone—even those who are neither gluten-intolerant nor require allergy-friendly products—who wants to learn about gluten-free and/or allergen-friendly living. In other words, if you’re a teacher, have friends/family following or requiring the lifestyle, and/or interested in the lifestyle as a whole—just in case something happens in the future—you should attend.

Charlise and I are attending as members of the press. Come say hi!

GFAF Expo: Dallas 2015 dates

It’ll be in Dallas the weekend of the 17th and 18th of October, and below are just a few reasons you should attend!

1. You don’t have to follow a gluten-free diet.

If you’re there for Enjoy Life Foods’ nut-free section, that’s totally acceptable! Each vendor booth has an allergen checklist… I can’t remember if the checklist states what the product is free from or if it states what allergens the product has, but every single booth has one, and… you can always ask! Because of the event, you can easily ask for an ingredients list and be told exactly what is in something.

2. It’s educational.

There are speakers/classes at the GFAF Expo. Beyond this, there are various vendor booths who have informational objects for you to learn about their products. Last year, a guy from a cookware company taught us how boiling veggies drains their color, which also subtracts a lot of the nutrition. Ever seen such vibrant corn? I sure as hell haven’t.

3. Samples!

Few booths don’t have samples available. There are so many brands many haven’t heard of, and a lot of high-quality ones are here.

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#gfafexpo #severelygood these melt in your mouth!

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What better way is there to see if you’ll like something than to experience samples? This way, you can decide to spend money on them after you try them.

Want to attend the Dallas 2015 GFAF Expo?

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P.S. Want tips? Here’s six.