Why Poe Wovens is AMAZING!

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I am in a handful of babywearing group, including a few that are a bit bitchy.  I enjoy these groups and sometimes it’s nice to go into bitch-mode to get rid of some stress.  However, I do have a problem when there is group bashing on a certain person and calling them out by name.  I came across a post that was not so nice to the lovely owner of Poe Wovens, Nancy Sunderland.  Even after everything I read, I couldn’t understand why everyone couldn’t just put on their big girl panties and let it go.  People make mistakes and do regrettable things, but often times, stories can be one-sided.  

So I decided to reach out to Nancy and give her some love.  One of the amazing mamas in my local mom group is close with Nancy and even helped design the Harlequin wrap!  I knew that if that mama felt that Nancy was a good enough mama to work with, then she was certainly not a bad person like everyone was claiming.  

I got an email back from Nancy and she was so incredibly sweet.  She told me about her experiences with being bullied and I was so sad that she had to deal with such abuse!  No one deserves that kind of treatment.  I wanted to check out a Poe wrap myself, just to see if there was anything “wrong” with them.  Nancy got me on the tester list and the first Poe wrap I got was the Herringbone Merlot.  Poe Wovens wraps are 100% made in the US!  That is a plus for me.  

This wrap was DELICIOUS!!  Of course, I didn’t taste it but it was so squishy and soft, I could have just eaten my toddler up in it!  You know, if he had not been on my back!  It’s super cushy and very supportive.  My big, little guy felt like he was riding on a cloud!  I loved how comfortable it was and Charlie loved it as well.  The traveling wrap was FULL of sleepy dust because Charlie fell asleep within minutes of getting on my back.  I appreciate the grippy-ness (totally making up words now) of the fabric.  The knots stay in place and don’t slip.  There’s no sagging or readjusting.  Everything stays right where it’s supposed to be!

Moral of the story is…  

Don’t listen to all of the Poe Wovens bash-ers.  These wraps are WONDERFUL and Nancy is a complete sweetheart.