Ynot2?: A Story About Hosting Orphans

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I have been blogging in one shape or another for a good 15 years. Over those years, I have made a lot of friends. These are people I have never met in real life and I probably never will, but some of them I would consider myself very close to. I have seen them when they are down. I have seen them start families. I have seen them lose children. I have seen them lose significant others. I’ve seen them do AMAZING things.  These people, mostly moms, have become a part of my “family”. One of those people I have become very close to over the years is Amy Amos.

Amy is one of those moms who, if we lived in the same town, I have no doubts we would totally be besties. I’ve seen Amy’s triumphs and I have seen her struggles. I have been there to lend comforting words and she has done the same for me. One of the most amazing things that Amy has taken on in the recent years is hosting orphans.  These children are not just orphans.  They are little people who wish for nothing more than a mom and a dad to love and protect them.

While just about anyone can say how much they would love to give little children that have nobody to love a home and a place where they feel safe, not many actually DO IT. Amy stepped up. She felt the calling and moved forward. Hosting orphans isn’t easy. It’s not always kittens and roses. Some of these children have severe emotional issues. I’ve seen Amy handle an extremely difficult, but beautiful child with such grace and patience. Not once did Amy throw up her hands and give up. Not once did she say they weren’t worth it.  She does everything she can to make sure these children are in the right loving hands, even if those hands aren’t hers.

Amy knows how these children have struggled and wants to make a difference. The amazing thing is, she has!! In the short time that she has been involved in bringing these children into her home to give them a slice of a life they’ve never known, she has made an imprint on several children that will remain forever. She’s given them love and hope which is something they may not have ever known or experienced.

Amy and her husband Tyler have 3 children of their own. 2 beautiful little girls and the chubbiest little boy you’ve ever seen. They aren’t rich financially, but they have the hearts of gold. They live simply, but have so much love to give. Amy and Tyler want to adopt one (or two) of these precious children and save them from the horrible lives they are currently living.  Let’s have their back and support them on their journey!

Please, if you do nothing else today, go read the latest adventure that the Amos family is trying to embark upon. Share their story and keep the stories of these children alive and moving!!  If you feel called to donate to their adventure, then please do!  Every dollar, every penny helps!

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