Increase Your Milk Supply


We must!  We must!  We must increase our bust!  Am I the only one that says this in my head when I am thinking about increasing my milk supply?  There are many things you can try to increase you milk supply.  Overabundance doesn’t always come naturally to some mamas, including myself, so we need a little extra help to feed those little boob monsters.  I was always told to pump in between feedings, but I am a poor pumper.  Also, despite popular belief, drinking lots of water does NOT increase milk supply, but it is important to stay hydrated.  I can pump and pump and only get an ounce or two at a time from both sides!!  Here are some things to try to get the milk flowing!

  • First things first, check baby’s latch.  Sometimes a poor latch can mean baby isn’t actually getting enough (or anything!) which reduces supply.  If baby cannot properly empty the breast, it won’t “fill back up”.  
  • Ditch that binky!  I know it might be a pain, but keep baby on the breast as often as he/she wants.  I promise.  You won’t be a human pacifier forever.  The more they are there, the more milk there will be!  Supply and demand!
  • Don’t supplement!  A lot of times moms think that they are not making enough milk when they actually are.  If you supplement with formula, you may actually decrease your already perfect milk supply.  Some women never feel a let-down, so don’t let myths make you believe something is wrong.  Always get the opinion of a certified lactation consultant if you think you have low supply.
  • Offer both sides at each feeding.  If your little one falls asleep on one side, make sure to offer the other side first the next time they nurse.  You might find a nursing bracelet helpful to remember which side is next, but I could always feel the fullness.
  • If you choose to pump, do so after or between feedings.  If baby falls asleep on one side, consider pumping the other.
  • Try a galactagogue!  You can try some herbs in capsule form such as Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Nettle or Fennel Seed.  If you like to drink beer, a beer (darker is better!) a day can help.  You can also use some of the ingredients used in lactation cookies in any food or baked good.  Those ingredients include steel cut oats/oatmeal (not the instant kind), flaxseed meal and brewers yeast.
  • Eat cookies!  What better reason to eat cookies than to better feed your baby??  Sweet T’s Treats makes the best lactation cookies and granola EVER!

What have you used to increase YOUR milk supply??