Things Crunchy Kids Say

I asked the moms in some crunchy mom groups across the country if there were any funny things that their kids say that non-crunchy kids would never say.

Here is the response that I got…

When asked what the baby will eat

“Booby milk and healthy foods so he will grow up to be big and strong like me!”

Jaden, 6

Describing elderberry syrup

“Mom, I told all the kids in my class to mix honey and grape juice and drink it and it will keep them from getting sick.”

Noah, 7


Lily (6) told the school nurse when she was cleaning her skinned knee and tried to put some antibiotic ointment on it, “Hmm, we don’t use GMO products like that at our house. My mommy will just put coconut oil on it!”

She has also many times said, “I only drink organic milk, but thanks,” and my favorite was her asking her pre-k teacher at 4, “Do those cupcakes have GMOs in them?” And the teacher asked her what GMOs were!

As a competitive gymnast

“My mom packs strange things in my lunches that no one will ever trade for, so I always have to eat my own food! For snacks at gymnastics meets, my mom makes these cool granola bars and fruit roll ups. At first my team mates thought I had weird snacks but now I beg her to make enough for everyone because they always steal mine!”

“When in doubt put coconut oil on it.”

“Vinegar cleans everything but smells bad.”

“Non organic milk is nasty.”

Abby, 11

About babywearing moms

“Mommy look, a babywearer! Is she your friend?!”

Marina, 8

About cookies

“No, I want some REAL food.”

Chevy, 2.5

Crunchy accessories

“Mom, I need to put some more coconut oil on my Eczema.“

”Mom, I want a different color amber necklace.”

Alana, 7

Grateful for breastmilk

“Oh mommy! I love your wonderful nursies!”

Vaden, 3


“I’m wearing my ‘bra’ so I can breastfeed my babies.”

Traci, 7

Dehydrating food

“I cant wait to go to the market to get more food to dehydrate!”

Emily, 8

Cold remedy

Last week was Tara’s first time regularly using oils for a cold. She was looking for her eucalyptus as she sneezed and coughed. She then heard her son,

“Daddy, mommy needs her oils!”

Alex, 3



Sadae, 18 months old

“Why isn’t this hummus made yet?! Can you help me, please?”

Solara, 5, about a hummus mix kit

Vegetables of the sea

“I want more seaweed!”

Lottie, 2.5

About kombucha

“I get the scoby!”

Sean, 7, as his mom opened a bottle of kombucha

Thank you to all of the crunchy moms that shared!! You are obviously raising AWESOME kids!!

What are some funny things YOUR crunchy kid has said??

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